lyle ballI ran into a client at the airport not long ago and asked how things were going. I was pleased to hear his complete satisfaction with MultiLing services and our relationship. I asked if there was anything more we could work on and he replied tongue-in-cheek that maybe we could give his company a better price. I asked if he was sure — did he really want to pay less for something that was going so well and providing so much value? Recognizing the impact his wish could have, he quickly agreed that he really didn’t want to pay less.

Price versus quality is an ongoing tension in most business relationships and in this IP Frontline article, titled “The Real Cost of Accurate IP Translations,” I outline several ways MultiLing clients receive value from accurate translations – far beyond the words on the page.[Continue reading]


ML booth-IPserviceworld-landscape Meet with MultiLing

MultiLing representatives are participating in a variety of events this quarter and we’d love to see you! Contact us at request @ multiling.com to make an appointment at one of the following shows:

AIPLA | Washington, D.C. | Oct. 23-25 | Booth 17

Patent Information Fair | Tokyo, Japan | Nov. 5-7

IP Service World | Munich, Germany | Nov. 24-25… [Continue reading]

“Journal of Commercial Biotechnology” Publishes MultiLing Case Study

journal of com biotechAccording to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), nearly 100,000 pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent applications are filed each year around the world, and the trend is increasing. These companies have very little room for error in the work they conduct each day, even with stagnant budgets and an increased filing demand.

Jeremy Coombs is SVP of operations at MultiLing

Jeremy Coombs is SVP of operations at MultiLing

In the first 2014 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations at MultiLing, outlines a case study of how one of MultiLing’s biotech clients is able to file hundreds of patents annually in 30+ countries by partnering with MultiLing and leveraging its centralized translation model.… [Continue reading]

We’ll See You There!

MultiLing will be on the road again this quarter with a variety of appearances at IP industry conventions and summits. Watch for MultiLing presentations and exhibits on the importance of centralized translation services in managing your IP portfolio at the shows listed below.

And, if you would like to meet with a MultiLing representative in one of these locations, please contact us at request @ multiling . com to make an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

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Megumi Hasegawa, MultiLing country manager for Japan, and Adam Bigelow, director, MultiLing's Asia Region, at the Japan Patent Fair & Conference. MultiLing Attracts New Clients, Translators at Japan Patent Fair

Every year, more than 20,000 IP professionals gather at the Science Museum in the heart of Tokyo to learn about best practices in the world of intellectual property. The 2014 Patent Information Fair & Conference was held on Nov. 3-5 and is the Japan’s largest exhibition on the latest patent, product and technology information relating to intellectual property.… [Continue reading]

urry Interview with David Urry, MultiLing CFO: “Provide valuable data so people can make good decisions.”

David Urry, MultiLing CFO, joined the company in March of this year and went straight to work on maximizing and strengthening MultiLing’s financial systems. Here’s what he has to say about his new role.

What attracted you to MultiLing? 

MultiLing seemed like a perfect combination of things I have done and love—translation and technology. … [Continue reading]


The Role of Outsourced Services

Last week we posted about the first part of an article in Inside Counsel where Jeff Ranck, MultiLing board member, was interviewed about his experience as associate general counsel at Microsoft.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.16.54 AMIn parts 2 and 3 of his article, Rich Steeves, Inside Counsel senior editor, looks at outsourced services for an IP department, one of which is quality translations of patent applications and other IP documentation.

The key, says Ranck, is to “start at the bottom and build it up,” in terms of the types of work to outsource. His team asked two questions to help identify which assignments to outsource:… [Continue reading]

MultiLing Director Jeff Ranck On Getting More Bang For Your IP Buck

jeff ranckInside Counsel recently interviewed MultiLing board member Jeff Ranck about his experience as associate general counsel at Microsoft. While there, the company went from filing 1,000 patents per year to 3,000 per year. Realizing that this couldn’t be done by just adding more headcount, Ranck and his colleagues went to work revamping how their department operated and streamlining their patent filing processes.… [Continue reading]